A band named Kiss The Beauty
Thursday, March 25, 2010

‘Kiss The Beauty’ is not only one of my most favourite songs from my Norman Iceberg days, but it's also now an amazing new British electronic band! That's right... a band named Kiss The Beauty!

Lead by Mike Waring (former Bristol radio DJ, producer and keyboard player) and Shannon Kait, Kiss The Beauty is a brand new progressive club dance project with music to move your heart and your feet and a message of hope to everyone out there – “never give up, never give over, never give in”.

I love Mike’s vision, personality, spirit, and creativity, and I just love their positive uplifting sound and approach… and of course their name too :o) I just can’t wait to move to the exciting sound of KTB!!! They’re currently crafting new tunes and getting things ready… so we’ll also have the chance to see them live soon too!

In the meantime, you can already experience and preview their amazing sound with the fantastic ‘Wonderful (Kiss The Beauty Remix)’ and the catchy upbeat track ‘When Love Comes Down’. Check them out and get ready to feel alive!