Amazing Sound Creators
Sunday, October 25, 2009

Either as Norman Bedard or as Norman Iceberg, I've had the amazing opportunity through the years to meet and collaborate with some impressive, generous and talented musicians, vocalists and composers... people I admire. I feel so grateful. All of them also keep creating and grooving with their own bands, studios, projects...

Martin H. Klein and Roberto Deus are currently working together on a new album of classical music that is scheduled for a 2010 release (check it out! I know for sure it's going to be beautiful and spectacular!), Zak B, who keeps producing fabulous remixes one after another right from his Osaka-based studio, Dubtone, Jean-Sébastien Brault-Labbé, co-producer of "Vital", who's always either performing live with various bands and friends, or producing some great records at Zodyo (his own recording studio!), Gabriel Campeau who's also the lead singer and awesome guitarist of Derek en Stéréo (and a talented video director too!), Jivko Georgiev, a wonderful cellist who also plays with Concertino, an early music ensemble that specializes in performing music from the Baroque era, François Lalonde, amazing drummer and producer who's also currently producing some fantastic new music in his own studio Chez Son Frank, acclaimed dj Pascal Mantovani who's been producing and remixing some really exciting music, Mario Spezza, a true synthpop pioneer, who's involved in a myriad of projects where he can channel his creativity (both musical and visual), and who's also playing the hurdy-gurdy (also known as wheel fiddle!), Bruno Lachapelle, another fantastic dj and synth wiz who's also known as "LeRobot" and currently composing beautiful music for a tv series at Oeil StéréO, his own studio, Kevin Komoda, another synthpop pioneer, and awesome dj/engineer/producer/keyboardist/guitarist, Cheng-Feng Lin (fabulous pianist, teacher, and bee too!), Lenny Pinkas, Martin Lambert, Ron Everett, Kim Richardson, Dusty Jones, Yoshi Mochizuki, Robert Consoli, Claudine Mercier, Alexandre Saint-Jacques, Joe Drock Johnson, Pierre Lareau, Jean-Francois Séguin, Richard Poissant, Sandy Duperval, Ron Roseboro, Mick Alig, Geoffroy Bélanger, Joe Jammer, David Pertzborn... just to name a few... :o)

I wanted to take the time to thank you all for the amazing time we spent together, for the quality of your performances, and for all the fun and the richness of your creativity... your beautiful and unique vibes, essence, colors, and textures. It's always such an honor, and so much fun too! Thank you! I feel blessed. Together we did our best trying to make beautiful music produced with love. I'm always so thrilled to be creating music with musicians who also see music as a way to spread love and make people happy, and see each of us as a work in progress trying to make the world a better place. My main goal is simply to bring as much light, hope and love as possible!

Let's all have some fun while we're here! :o)